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Have you ever dreamed of capturing aerial footage for your television or movie project? MovieDrone offers the FreeFly Alta drone as well as the Aeronavics SkyJib for feature films in the New York, New Jersey area. Are you tired of the limitations of traditional film making and video capturing techniques and devices? Then, using unmanned aerial vehicles to capture aerial shots is the solution you are looking for.
Movie Drone is a professional high-end aerial filming company offering services for both TV and movie projects. Our UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) or drones can provide high flying and high action aerial shots. It includes live HD broadcast with stabilized video processing, which was once only available on full sized aircraft.

Drone Rental New York

The vision behind MovieDrone is to provide clients in the Movie, Feature Film, TV or Commercial productions with a specialized Drone made to Carry Movie sized cameras like the RED EPIC for hire to obtain unique aerial video. We have custom made copters and specialized pilots to bring your movie aerial shots to the next level. Please feel free to contact us to inquire or engage our services.

FreeFly Alta

MovieDrone offers two of the most professional heavy lift drones available in the industry. The FreeFly Alta is the most versatile drone for features that need to be able to mount the camera on top of the drone. The rental available here in New York City is available year round weather providing. In Brooklyn too!


FreeFly Alta Top Mount Cinema Drone

FreeFly Alta Rental New York

FreeFly Alta rental available in New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens.


Drone Freefly Alta Aerial VideoFreeFly Alta Top Mount


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Heavy Lift UAV for Aerial Video

Full-sized crafts have its own limitations and disadvantages such as high production costs. If you are an independent filmmaker or TV producer, you might find it hard to crunch budget for a full sized helicopter shooting. In addition, it’s unable to fly over a certain location and range. Contrary to that, drones are cheaper and easier to fit on small budget productions. It is also lighter and quieter than helicopters.

Our drones or also called multicopters are battery powered which can fly up to 15 minutes and can carry loads of up to 12lbs. including camera. This is the latest breakthrough in film making, live video broadcasting, TV commercials, documentaries, music videos and live events because of its ability to traverse almost any obstacles easily such as narrow streets, buildings, natural obstructions and even indoors!

Within moments after lifting to the sky, you will be able to see what it can capture in real time as if you were riding the UAV. It can transmit video streams in a low latency delay, perfect for capturing live news or events. The video is stabilized, there will be no need for complex post video production, which will be very time consuming and quality degrading. It can achieve much more complex shots compared to that of full-sized aircraft by providing amazing maneuvers and angular shifts, as well as close up shots up to within 10 feet away from the actors or event (certain conditions may apply for safety).

Licensed Insured Drone Pilots FAA 333 Exemption

In addition, there will be no need to hire a 60-man crew only to shoot a 30-second scene: it takes only 2-man combo to surpass that performance using drones, with additional features and longer duration. With a small team of people, less budget, better performance and increased features, you can produce vivid, crystal clear 1080p, 60fps videos for your TV or movie project. We always put safety first! We are well-trained professionals with decades of experience in flying drones and we know all the safety measures, equipment, flying conditions and other measures to keep everyone safe within the operating hours.