Feature Film Drone Rental

Why Choose Drones?
There are other several options if you are unable to capture aerial video using full-sized craft like the Spydercam, Jib and many other solutions. You can even improvise if you want. The problem is, these items we mentioned earlier have too many limitations and they are very difficult to set-up, which will require much time. With our drones, upon reaching the flight location, the show starts within 15 minutes, as simple as that. We can fly for up to 10 minutes and then land and reload battery for about 2 minutes and the show goes on. No need to set-up cranes or cables, etc. that can go on for hours. Even at nighttime, drone can capture vivid films above.

Chase shots are also easier to perform because of their powerful and fast maneuvering ability. They can pass through narrow areas such as city streets, indoors (enough flying room is required), natural obstacles, etc. We can also fly as close as 10 feet away from the scene to capture amazing birds-eye close view of the action. Things, which can’t be done by a full sized manned aircraft, can be easily done by drones.